Just Added: Classified Day on the Cyber-Location Nexus

June 2, 2015

USGIF is offering the first Cyber-Location Nexus Workshop on Friday, June 26, at NGA in Springfield, following the GEOINT Symposium.

Separate registration is required. GEOINT Symposium registration does not provide access to this event. This is a TS//SI/TK NOFORN classified workshop. Regardless of your badge and place of employment, you must register to attend this event. Clearance deadline is Thursday, June 18.

Check out the agenda and register today!

In order to operate in cyberspace, there needs to be a fundamental understanding of how the physical layers of cyberspace manifest in geographic space.

There is a geography to our servers which sit in real data centers, in real buildings, physically connected by fiber in conduit running between optical switches, fueled by power grids, with communications links going from ground stations to switches in orbit, and users in motion all over the world with multiple computing devices. Knowing where things are in space and time will prove to be a powerful contributor to the attribution challenges faced today in the cyber world.

USGIF peeled back the first layer of this complex issue in a 2013 issue of trajectory magazine, but it is time for a classified workshop to explore the critical cyber-location challenges and the associated business opportunities.