Trainings - Tuesday, June 23

7-9 a.m. & 2-4 p.m.
Each training will be offered once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

New Techniques in FMV Analysis for the GEOINT Analyst
Room 145A
Full-motion video and GEOINT experts from the Air Force and Special Operations Communities will detail the potential and promise of FMV to empower the GEOINT Community. The majority of the training session focuses on the fusion of FMV and geospatial data in real-world case studies.

The Five Habits of the Master Thinker
Pherson Associates
Room 145B
This educational session lays out the five critical thinking skills all geospatial professionals should master to protect against biased thinking, help spur imagination, and collaborate across agencies and disciplines to best protect the nation’s security.

Making Sense of Object Behavior on the Ground Using the Full Power of Remote Sensing
Room 147A
The course covers various aspects of remote sensing including spatial, spectral, radiometric, and temporal resolutions. The course touches upon aspects of tasking and collection of imagery and various imaging modes as well as discuss how to process data and how imagery can be applied for a variety of military and civil applications.

Using LiDAR Data to Perform Seaport Risk and Vulnerability Assessments
Textron Systems
Room 149B
This workshop teaches participants to use LiDAR data and imagery to perform a rapid geospatial assessment and mitigate potential high-interest merchant vessel threats. A demonstration teaches participants how to quickly extract feature data from aerial LiDAR and use the results to create a series of operational overlays and industry standard products.

Making Sense of Multilingual Social Media
SDL Government
Room 304
This training session helps intelligence analysts and managers design a faster, better, and cheaper Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) social media exploitation strategy to keep pace with unique mission needs, satisfy security requirements, minimize contracting headaches, and optimize budgets.

Game Engines: The Next Step in Simulation with GEOINT Data
Room 149A
As warfighter applications become more reliant on game engine technologies and ever-expanding geographic areas and densities, this course explores opportunities for large-scale procedural intensification of GEOINT source data without requiring manual intervention. It will also provide real-world examples, survey existing software solutions, and provide insight to decision-makers for integrating these technologies into their processes.

Crisis Mapping for Humanitarian Action: Applications of New Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Methods Using OSS and CGD
Northeastern University
Room 147B
Learn how to perform crisis mapping in the real world and reflect on ethical, political, and practical challenges that come from working in this field. The training covers three training modules—SMS aggregators, open-data kit mobile surveys, and crowdsourced and micro-tasking methods—highlighting key real-life applications and deployments. Attendees will need to bring a laptop and smartphone to participate.

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