Trainings - Thursday, June 25

Morning Training Sessions
7-9 a.m.

GEOINT 101B: Collection Capabilities, USGIF and The Intelligence & Security Academy
Room 304
This two-hour session will cover the full range of geospatial intelligence collection systems, analysis, and applications. This is an overview of the full, two-day course and is designed as a survey course.

Understanding GeoCyber Potential
Innovative Analytics & Training
Room 145A
This session explores the geospatial methods critical to solving the long-term challenges of cyber operations as well as looks at the unique contributions geography and geospatial methods have in cyber mission planning and operations. Participants learn how to leverage subject matter expertise across many disciplines through a range of discussions and exercises.

A Multi-Tradecraft Approach to Educating the GEOINT Workforce
National Geospatial-Intelligence College
Room 145B
This session educates the analytic workforce on the GEOINT tradecraft used for defining and describing the environment, assessing threats and hazards, and developing analytic conclusions. This discussion looks at the National Geospatial-Intelligence College’s approach and strategies in advancing the GEOINT tradecraft.

Usability and Accessibility Training for Web-based GEOINT Applications
Next Century
Room 147A
This presentation teaches participants how to avoid common pitfalls in usability engineering and how you can help improve your favorite GEOINT application. This training is open to anyone in the GEOINT Community but aimed toward project managers and system engineers.

Inspector Detector: Mobile Applications as Indicators of GEOINT
Raytheon BBN Technologies
Room 149B
A democratization of geospatial information is rapidly occurring as more people carry more mobile devices. The presentation shares methods for analyzing app metadata in order to determine an app’s geographical “affiliation.” It also discusses research and methodology for analyzing mobile applications as indicators of GEOINT.

The Promise and Reality of Cognitive Computing
Room 147B
This session introduces participants to cognitive computing and encourages a discussion regarding long-term vision and future applications. It covers an introduction to cognitive computing, a look at deep question-answer systems, current and future applications, future trends, and cognitive computing education.

Secure Broadband IP Over Satellite
iDirect Government
Room 149A
This program develops knowledge of global satellite networks, applications, and secure broadband IP over satellite as well as broadband for GEOINT via satellite. Review basic principles and learn the application. Those interested in improving knowledge of broadband IP via satcom are encouraged to participate.

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