Trainings - Thursday, June 25

Afternoon Training Sessions
1-3 p.m.

EO and SAR Constellation Imagery Collection Planning Training
Orbit Logic
Room 147B
By its very nature, the satellite imagery collection planning challenge is difficult. The solution space is extremely large, encompassing thousands of imaging orders and hundreds of variables related to the abilities of satellites, sensors, and ground networks. This training examines the collection planning challenge by covering models and constraints, imaging modes, planning timelines, and more.

Space Systems Verification & Validation
Teaching Science and Technology Inc.
Room 149A
This course provides participants with an overview of the processes, industry standards, information, and tools necessary to implement a credible verification and validation program for space systems. A fully functional hardware and software benchtop satellite, which has all of the major subsystems of any operational satellite, is examined during the training.

Conceptualizing Data Interpretation with Multi-Dimensional Intelligence
BAE Systems
Room 145A
This training offers a short tutorial in understanding methodologies for interacting with large volumes of data to enhance analysis. The course covers topics such as data mining, conditioning, descriptive analytics, visualization, and the facets of multi-dimensional intelligence networking.

OpenStack, Eucalyptus, Docker: How Open-Source Technologies are Changing the Intelligence Cloud Landscape
Room 147A
This training guides the audience through open-source, cloud computing technologies such as OpenStack, Docker, and Eucalyptus, and it discuss the impact on the Intelligence Community. The presentation describes the compelling advantages of each technology and explains how they can be coupled to achieve tremendous value in mission environments.

Enabling PED at the Tactical Edge
General Dynamics
Room 145B
This course provides an overview of tactical full-motion video (FMV) processing, exploitation, and dissemination (PED) concepts, capabilities, and workflows. Attendees are introduced to next-generation tactical PED software capabilities that utilize proven FMV exploitation workflows as well as integration with fielded enterprise class discovery and dissemination models.

Activity-Based Intelligence In Action: Non-traditional GEOINT and the Future of Analysis
Learning Tree International
Room 149B
This course will demonstrate the core concepts of Activity-Based Intelligence (ABI) as a methodology for technology-enabled problem solving through the use of real-world vignettes by leveraging non-traditional GEOINT sources. This training will also explore the future of intelligence analysis more broadly and the potential contributions that ABI can make from a methodological and technological standpoint.

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