The GEOINT Symposium is by far the best Geospatial-Intelligence event of the year! This venue is critical to continue bringing together varied GEOINT interests/organizations into a strong community enterprise.
- CW4 Thomas R. Dostie, MI CHIEF, GEOINT and CG Senior Advisor 
US Army Intelligence Center

I was stunned at how professional and beneficial this event was. I can’t wait to attend the next one.
- Kevin Conner, System Engineer, Elantech Systems Inc.

The GEOINT symposium united DoD leaders, GEOINT expertise and vendor presence to offer excellent insight of processes and policies that affect GEOINT today and the impending future.
- CW3 George C. Fisher, USAIC & Fort Huachuca

USGIF has done an outstanding job of gathering the nation’s geospatial intelligence leadership. This symposium is a must for anyone interested in geospatial products, services and insight.
- Bob Brovey, Image Science Advisor

The Young Professionals program for GEOINT 2010 was an outstanding experience from start to finish. It felt very rewarding to do the community outreach event with Beacon of Hope. I would highly recommend this symposium to other young Intelligence professionals like myself.
- Sergeant Jeremy Watrous, United States Marine Corps, 3MAW

The GEOINT Symposium has to be considered the premier event for the intelligence community. Where else do you see the total spectrum of agency leadership through the workers on the production floor? It is a great chance to poke your head up from your particular cube farm and see what is going on in other areas of the I.C. Also it gets better every year!
- Al Bennett Jr, Geospatial Analyst, Northrop Grumman Corp.

GEOINT offered unparalleled access to key decision makers and current trends in technology and the policy sphere.
- Jay Henderson, Global Sales Manager, Navagis

Great event for any company or individual involved in geospatial data activities. The opening multimedia presentation was awesome.
- Don Koboldt, Director, Information Systems Engineering, GeoEye, Inc.

The great thing about GEOINT is that it gives small companies like Object Raku very targeted access to high quality prospects. The average attendee is knowledgeable and immediately understands our mission rehearsal products and services. The same cannot be said for most other conferences.

- Mike Parlow, Director, Sales & Training, Object Raku Technology