The USGIF Awards Program annually recognizes the exceptional work of the geospatial intelligence tradecraft’s brightest minds. Highlighting the achievements of those within the community not only recognizes those who deserve it, but also boosts morale, inspires the community, and increases interest in the field.


1. The Geospatial Intelligence Achievement Award recognize outstanding accomplishments in the tradecraft by an individual or team from the military, government and industry sectors.

2. The Geospatial Administrative/Support Award recognize outstanding administrative or support accomplishments in the tradecraft by an individual or team from the military, government and industry sectors.

3. The Academic Achievement Award commends the achievements of a top graduate of a nationally recognized geospatial intelligence academic program.

4. The Academic Research Award commends an organization that demonstrates the top geospatial intelligence program or project.

Arthur C. Lundahl-Thomas C. Finnie Lifetime Achievement Award

The Arthur C. Lundahl-Thomas C. Finnie Lifetime Achievement Award is presented, upon nomination and vote by the USGIF board, to an influential member of the geospatial intelligence community who has dedicated much of his or her work to the trade craft.

This distinguished award recognizes contributions made by both Arthur C. Lundahl and Thomas C. Finnie, and celebrates their accomplishments—in imagery analysis and mapping, respectively—and their legacy within the GEOINT Community.

Previous USGIF Award Program Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award
2015 – Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach
2013 – Roberta “Bobbi” Lenczowski
2012 – Penman R. Gilliam
2011 – LTG Paul E. Menoher
2010 – Mr. Jack Dangermond
2009 – Mr. Charles E. Allen
2008 – Mr. R. Evans Hineman
2007 – The Honorable James R. Clapper Jr.
2006 – The Honorable Jeffrey K. Harris
2005 – Mr. William R. Allder Jr.
2004 – Dr. Leo Hazlewood

Academic Achievement Award
2015 – Professor Dorota A. Grejner-Brzezinska & Dr. Charles Toth, Ohio State University
2013 – Dover Area High School, Geospatial Technology Program
2012 – Geographic Information Systems Program, Washington College
2011 – COL Michael D. Hendricks
2010 – Ms. Donna Bridges, Penn State University
2009 – Mr. Andrew Schaeffer
2008 – Sgt. Eric S. Patwell, 26th MEU
2007 – Ms. Gabriella Farris, GITP
2006 – Mr. Keith Luter, GITP
2005 – Mr. John Gutraj, GITP

Research Achievement Award
2015 – George Stanley Bosarge, University of South Alabama
2013 – Richard M. Medina, George Mason University
2012 – Center for Geospatial Intelligence, George Mason University
2011 – Albert Yu-Min Lin, Ph.D.
2010 – Dr. Dennis J. Bellafiore, Senior Lecturer, Department of Geography, John A. Dutton e-Education Institute, Penn State University
2009 – Imagery Exploitation Course Team, National Geospatial-Intelligence Foundation
2008 – Capt. Robert Johnson, U.S. Air Force Officer, National Air and Space Intelligence Center’s GEOIN/MASINT Analysis Squadron
2007 – Dr. Swen Johnson, Socio-Cultural Intelligence Analysis Inc.
2006 – Mr. Scott Tabor, University of Redlands
2005 – Ms. Dorota Grejner-Brzezinski, Ohio State University Satellite Positioning and Inertial Navigation Lab

Administrative/Support Award
2015 – Donna L. Pelle, NGA
2013 – Melissa Martz, NGA
2012 – Helen “DeeDee” Demes, The SI Organization

Government Achievement Award
2015 – U.S. Army Geospatial Center
2013 – Robert L. Arbetter, NGA
2012 – Humanitarian Information Unit, U.S. Department of State
2011 – Kevin Slocum, NGA InnoVision LIDAR Team
2010 – U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Enterprise GIS team (eGIS), Department of Homeland Security
2009 – Integrated Collection Management (ICM) Program Team
2008 – Open Source Center Address Finder Team
2007 – Space and Naval Systems Warfare Command C4I Support Team
2006 – The 5th Engineer Detachment, 29th Engineer Battalion, 8th Theater Sustainment Command
2005 – NGA Afghanistan/Pakistan Border Project Team

Military Achievement Award
2015 – AF/A2I SIRIS Team, U.S. Air Force
2013 – TACSAT-3 Exploitation Team
2012 – U.S. Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command
2011 – Justin Novak, U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command
2010 – Human Terrain Analysis Branch, U.S. Central Command
2009 – Eagle Express Production Team
2008 – Mr. Ray Caputo, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
2007 – Ms. Pamela McCue, DIA Missile Intelligence Space Center
2006 – U.S. Army ERDC Topographic Engineering Center’s Buckeye Team
2005 – Captain Chip Carr, NGA

Industry Achievement Award
2015 – George “Guy” Thomas, C-SIGMA, LLC
2013 – Pixia Corp.
2012 – Satellite Sentinel Project, DigitalGlobe
2011 – Gorgon Stare Industry Team, Sierra Nevada Corp.
2010 – Mr. Steve Panzer and Mr. David Hemphill, ObjectFx
2009 – Geospatial Engineers, Google Federal Team, Google Inc.
2008 – Mr. Christopher Jengo, ITT
2007 – Mr. Matt O’Connell, GeoEye
2006 – Mr. Wes Hildebrandt, SPADAC
2005 – Mr. Mark Ingersoll and Mr. Todd Ham, Harris Corp.

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